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For the vast majority of people music is an important part of life. It comes in many varieties, and people’s choice of music is personal. What one person likes isn’t necessarily what another person would like, which is fine. No different to books, films, theatre, art or any type of creative medium.

My love of music is wide, everything from Classical to modern day music. Not to say I like all of it. I think music is reflective of mood, some days a particular piece of music is the greatest ever, then other days it’s another piece of music which takes that accolade.

I thought I would start with a musician I find fascinating, and who I only discovered a few months ago. He released a track on YouTube called ‘Hi Ren’ last December. It’s an amazing performance, a masterpiece with an important message. I was hooked, and I have dived into his back catalogue, and every song I hear is brilliant.

His name is Ren Gill, lives in Brighton and has been writing and performing music for some fifteen years. Unfortunately, he contracted Lyme disease, from a tick bite, which was undiagnosed for many years leaving him ill for ten years. He is improving now and his love of music means he continued to write fantastic music. There are so many tracks – ‘Chalk Outlines”, ‘Tale of Jenny and Screech’, ‘The Hunger’, ‘Bittersweet Symphony’, and many, many more. But my favourite is ‘How To Be Me’, a live performance in collaboration with Chinchilla. He is an independent artist making music his way.

I strongly recommend you check out ‘Hi Ren’ on YouTube (@renmakesmusic). Start there and then the Ren rabbit hole will follow…   

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