Author Bio

Short bio:

Erik Holmberg, writing under the pen name of Erik Bergson, is the author of Nightmare in Time. This is his first novel, a time travel romance set across multiple timelines.

Although Swedish, Erik grew up in South Africa and Canada and then moved to England in his late teens. He has worked in the London financial markets for over thirty years, but his passion has always been writing. He lives in beautiful Sussex with his wife, children and a hairy hound.


Writing is something I have always had to do. It’s not really a hobby, or a job, but a compulsion.  Through the years I have written a lot, including an unpublished novel, which I have put aside for now but may some day come back to. There are also several beginnings of stories, the first few chapters, but they are not ready yet to be completed. And then there are journals full of ideas, stories to be written, but there will never be enough time to write them all.

I have spent the last thirty-plus years working in finance. It’s not always been where I wanted to be, but it’s paid the bills, and in the background I have always had some time to write. The years are rolling past, rather quickly now, and I really need to spend more time to write these stories that have been batting around my head for so many years.

My first complete novel, Nightmare in Time, is a time travel romance. I stepped away from it on many occasions, thinking it was too strange, too complex, but it kept coming back and, in the end, I had to complete it as my first novel. It was almost as if I couldn’t move on to any other work until this was published. It is now, and I am working on my next novel, an adventure in space.